Wednesday, April 21, 2010

we're taking shortcuts & false solutions

So I'm trying to go to cosmo school in August. I was just going to go to Mott, I made a few phone calls today to help me on my application journey. So to say. Well I was feeling pretty confident so I went to go apply online and the first two questions on the application are SSN & Zip Code. I typed those in and hit next.

... So the page loads and tells me I'm already a registered student.

wtf? I have never applied to Mott. Yes, I took 2 art classes there while I was enrolled at UofM-Flint. But I didn't think those two classes instantly made me a student. So now on Friday, my day off, I have to make a trip to Flint. What. A. Pain.

1 comment:

  1. You should stop by the our old art classroom! Also, I'm bummed that you can't come bowling, but I did see you on Monday and that's what matters.