Thursday, April 15, 2010

For British Eyes Only!

If anyone can tell me what my title is from you get all my love. (And no it doesn't count if you google it.)

So here's my birthday update. On Tuesday I woke and didn't feel ANY different. Haha. Much to be expected in my opinion, but Brandon was insistent that I should feel different. Whatever, so not the point of this post!! I went shopping by myself & bought some awesome clothes. Then I had lunch with Brandon but then he had to go to class. :( I came home and had a little snack with my Dad and he bought me my first drink! It was something fruity & not that great tasting. Then it was time for Applebees. We started the night off with drinks and food. I had people buying me shots and I hateeee shots. But because it was my birthday I had to drink them. At some point we decided it was time to go to Sagebrush and I got this awesome frozen margarita. I apparently called my friend Stacy and talked for a solid 2 minutes about said frozen margarita. Haha.

All and all it was a pretty damn good birthday and we had a lot of people show up! I felt loved. :) <3 Yesterday I went to Novi mall with my friend Erin. We did a lot of gossiping & shopping and it felt SO good to go shopping with someone other than my boyfriend. (Even though he does a pretty good job of putting up with me when I go shopping, it's still not the same as going with a girl.) We got lots of goodies, but then it was time to leave. I went and had dinner with my dad & we watched 2 episodes of the show Dollhouse. It was pretty interesting, I think I liked it though. Then I went to the bar where my friend was having HIS birthday. We stayed until almost 1:30, and then I drove him home (but not before he NEEDED McDonalds...) and then I went home and went to bed. And basically here I am!
Also I'm including pictures of what I bought with my sisters gift card. :)

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