Wednesday, May 12, 2010

La la la la

So I was scanning the Victoria's Secret catalog about a week ago and I found the best thing EVER. Like if I didn't just put all my tax refund into my car a few weeks back I would have SO bought these little devils. And I was going to include a picture of these glorious knee-high gladiator sandles of goodness, BUT they aren't on the website!!! So you'll have to imagine them in your heads okay?! Lets just say they are AMAZING.

And on that note I haven't really been feeling the best lately... sad day. Especially since I've been skipping out on work to just lay in bed and such. UGH. I need money but not when I feel like crap.
So I'm going to go pop in Daria (yes you read that right) I bought it last week but haven't had any time to watch it. :)

1 comment:

  1. I meant to buy the Daria DVD. I meant to buy it before it came out in stores, but I'm lacking in the moolah right now. Ugh. When I get my next paycheck then MAYBE I can get the DVD. Right now my focus is to get a bicycle and new glasses.