Sunday, July 18, 2010

I think I want to be a courtesan when I grow up....

Things I want to do before/during August :
1 - GET A HAIRCUT - So I want a haircut, possibly something short. idk.
2 - GO TALK TO COLLEGE PERSON - So I'm thinking about majoring in Business Management. I think I waited too long to register for Fall classes but we'll see.
3 - BUY A NEW CAR - ... no explanation necessary!

That's all I got.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is how we do!

I hung out with Jenni-Loo today and it was an absolute blast. Plus I got free lunch. And by free lunch I mean Jenni and I were sitting around Noodle Co. eating our deeeeelicious food and the Chase Pick Up Your Tab team walked in. Anybody who had a Chase debit card with them automatically got $10 credited back to their account. HOW FREAKING SWEET!!!!!!!!

I found sooo many cute things while we were walking around and about that I wanted to buy but I really tried to refrain because I super want a new car. :) But it's possible I may be making another trip to Ann Arbor next weekend if I get it off. It's the art festival and should be amazing.

My amazing boyfriend fixed my screen door today that I broke. All I did was pay for supplies and his dinner. Which consisted of McDonalds. (In my defense it was his choice, I wasn't just being!) But what a sweetheart! I kinda like him. :)