Friday, April 2, 2010

The birthday hunt.....

Okay, so my dad gave me some money for my birthday, a little early but here's the catch! I have to spend this money on items and basically showed him an itemized receipt so I'm not spending ANY of this money on bills/food/gas...etc. I'm thinking perfume or books. I really want the Ed Hardy perfume but it's still a little more then what I was given. I guess I'll have to look around and do some pricing. Maybe I'll hold off on spending any $$$ until I get my gifts from mom/boyfriend so that way I won't buy anything that they might have already gotten!! Because I've been known to do that.

Any ideas are also welcome. I probably will buy the 2 Chelsea Handler books that I don't have.... hmmmm. I'm off to go watch the What Not To Wear marathon... I'm so lame on a Friday night!!!

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