Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why do Kindle commercials have such great music?!

Whirlwind kind of week. Last week was so busy with work work work. And now this week I'm pms-ing AND my car is deciding to stall in the middle of intersections. Don't ask me why. Brandon came over last night to do some tinkering under the hood and we test drove it around last night but it didn't stall for him but it did it to me TWICE yesterday. And not right in a row or anything. Once was in the afternoon and the second time it was in the evening. UGH. How annoying!!! So I think I'm taking it in on Friday so Brandon can come with me and understand all the car mumbo-jumbo.

Also we are totally going to the planetarium this weekend. I'm pretty darn excited since it's a show about Pluto and why it's not a planet anymore!! Haha. I get so geeked about little things these days, which I guess isn't a bad thing!

I've been trying to get to the gym more! I love the gym. <3

That's really all I have to report... America's Next Top Model Marathon is on and I don't have to be to work until 4:30. Loveee it.

Less than a month until the big 2-1!!!!


  1. My car has/had that exact same problem! It would stall 2-3 times (at a light or in the parking lot) a day for me and only me. One thing I did that made a significant difference to my car was getting an oil change. It stopped being jumpy like an old jalopy and it didn't stall as much/often. It rarely stalls now but it threatens to sometimes and is jumpy again... but that's because I way behind on getting another oil change.

    When's the last time you got an oil change?

    By the way, Happy Wearing-Green-Pretending-to-Be-Irish-Get-Drunk Day.

  2. I was thinking about getting an oil change this weekend but my last oil change was pretty recent, like I'm not technically up for a new oil change until a few more hundred miles or so! But I'll check into it!!

    Thanks! I'll be at work all night & possibly the gym so no drinking green beer for me... I hate beer! :D