Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clark Kent eat your heart out.

Alright so today has been a pretty sweet day. I went to work and got a bunch of stuff accomplished. Then I came home and was really only home for like 15 minutes before Walmart called and told me my glasses were ready! Well I was pretty pumped because they quoted me 7-10 business days and it had only been 2 business days!! So I went and picked those bad boys up pronto.

Then I went and met my meester in Auburn Hills and we had dinner. We had really bad service... like out of the 5 waitresses working 4 of them looked like they belonged in high school... and they just were all standing around talking and not paying attention. Whatever Brandon did not leave a very good tip and complained about our service to the older waitress. I bought us desert to make up for it and the girl hooked us up! We didn't get charged for our extras that we put on our ice cream. So it was super nice of her, and definitely put us in a better mood.

We went to the Old Navy where Brandon works and I got two pairs of yoga pants, a tank top that was on clearance, and these sweet love-themed magnets! Yay. Plus somebody who loves me hooked me up with a discount. :)

Soooo that was my day. I'm getting ready to cuddle up on the couch and watch 16 & Pregnant... has anyone else seen this show? It's pretty ridiculous, but I'm hooked!


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