Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Monday I finally went and did the thing I've been telling myself since I turned 18. I got a tattoo. It hurt way more than people say!! Haha. But oh well, I told myself I was going to do it and I finally did. And even though it hurt like a mofo I crazily want to get another one. Everyone always says once you get one you are addicted.

But I can't get another one anytime soon seeing as I'm dumping $350 into my car today. UGH. But if this fixes it I should be able to get some more miles out of my P.O.S car so hopefully I'll have even MORE money saved by the time it finally dies on me.

If it doesn't, I'm kinda screwed. I don't know what to ask my parents for for my birthday!! Books? Books are always a good thing. Does have gift certificates?? Haha.

I could have worked at Payless this morning because my boss called all in a panic saying nobody had opened her Flint store and if I came to my store she'd leave to go open her store. But I didn't have a car so I couldn't help her out. I feel really bad because I way need the hours especially after all the money I've spent this week. :(

I'm waiting for my mom to come home so we can go pick my car up and then I have to work 4:30-9:30ish at Fashion Bug.

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