Saturday, February 27, 2010

Year Uno!

Alright so here's the update on the celebration of our anniversary:
We went to Livonia and got Buca Di Beppo. Which is sooooo yummy and I might be reheating my leftovers and eating when I'm done here. Then Brandon tells me for my gift I'm getting an hour long massage. Ohhhh my goodness I love massages and pretty much since we've been dating I've been talking about getting one. It was amazing, plus while I waited for my appointment we walked around Novi mall, but neither of us had any money to shop with. :( But it was a ton of fun and I love spending the day with my Meester.

Other than that this morning I got to order my new glasses and they should be here in 7-10 business days and I got a years worth of new contacts. Hence me having absolutely no money to spend today at the mall. Kinda sad but my new glasses are so geeky/nerdy I love it. I'm sure there will be pictures!

Now I'm getting ready to eat and possibly find a terribly-awesome free movie On Demand.

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