Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My own 21 things...

Alright so the big 2-1 is coming in 2 months. (April 13th!!!) So I'm going to post 21 things I want to buy/do in the year that I am 21. So here's what I've been working on:

1) Take the train & spend a weekend in the windy city. Shopping, good food & sight seeing. I really love staying in hotel rooms, as geeky as that sounds. Plus this would be an awesome date for me & my boyfriend.

2) Finish 3 art pieces. I have one piece started that has taken me at least a month to do almost nothing on. So I want to finish that one and then start & finish two more.

3) Start writing more for my Hello Poetry account. I have 14 poems up there and 13 of them are from high school. So I want to start being more creative!!!

4) Go to the gym! I went and got a gym membership today, so I want to get into shape.

5) Own the entire series of Gilmore Girls. I don't have any seasons of this show and it's absolutely one of my favorite.

6) Start cooking/baking. I rarely cook/bake and it's always something I wanted to do. I've been saving some recipes that I've stumbled upon so hopefully I have someone to be my guinea pig!!

7) Somehow get my hands on a print by Lawrence Yang. Amazing artist and definitely something I would love to have hanging in my house.

8) Attain more items from this etsy shop. I love all of her stuff!!! With my sisters gift card I obtained 4 new pieces of jewelry!!!

9) Buy more headbands. Lets face it, a girl can never have too many headbands!

10) Go somewhere out of the country, even if it's only Canada. I'd love to visit Toronto or Quebec.

11) Save money for a new car. My current car is going on 11 years old and just over 200,000 miles on it. The cd player doesn't work and it has leather seats. I hate having leather seats!! In the summer they suck because it tears your skin off and in the winter it's freezing!!!

12) Possibly move out again and get a decent apartment and an awesome roommate. If I can't do this & number 11 in one year I'll settle for the car first. ^_^

13) Go back to school. I'm planning on enrolling in the Mott Cosmo program in August.

14) Get an mp3 player of some sort. I would love an iPod but I don't think I could afford it, especially with all the other 'wants' I have on this list.

15) Acquire a new designer purse. I haven't had a new one in a while and I've been seeing soooo many awesome looking ones. I got 2 for my birthday! 2 Amazing Betsey Johnson purses.

16) I've been trying to locate new sources for fun jewelry... so I need to succeed in finding new places!!!

17) Swim in the ocean. I've done this before but I would love to do it again!

18) Get something from this etsy shop. Since these wall-stickers have been getting popular I've really wanted a cool big one. But some of the large ones are expensive... but I still want one!

19) The obvious, have a drink in a bar/restaurant. Uh 4/13/10... duh! :D

20) Make new friends and strengthen the old friendships.

21) Continue to be happy & in love!!!!

Once again, I've stolen this from my friend Jenni!!


  1. Come visit me and Corner and you can definitely do #17!

  2. I think I can help you with #14. Do you want to buy my old iPod? I know it's not an iTouch or whatever, but it's in good shape, holds 30gbs of music and currently not being used. I'll sell it to you for $60.