Friday, February 26, 2010

Home alone.

Hokay so I didn't really have a topic to blog about but I figured maybe if I typed long enough I'd come up with something eventually right??

But I don't really feel like writing forever tonight so I'll just say this:
I'm very excited for tomorrow because me and my boyfriend are celebrating our one year anniversary. Granted it's a few days early, but we both have jobs & he has school. But I'm very excited because with a certain ex boyfriend I did not get to celebrate our one year anniversary even though we dated almost a year and a half... long story. But yeah I'm excited! :D

Also I think the website of the week (new thing I figured I'd try!) is:

I also think I might try to make those bad boys on Sunday since I have the day off... maybe I'll try to recruit my mom to help. Sounds delicious & I'm super hungry so I'm going to grab something to eat.


  1. Wow, those cookies look really good? Have you seen the cookie dough pops or cake pops? Those sound sooooo delicious, I'm going to try them sometime.

    Also, you could blog about how your awesome big sister could use some more votes before tomorrow evening for the BME world tour ;)

    Have fun with celebrating your anniversary with Brandon!

  2. I have had cake pops before, but not the cookie dough ones.. but I've seen them! :D